Summer is over
Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013 um 22:31 Uhr
Today when the airplane took off at Marco Polo Airport in Venice the sun was glowing in all kinds of reddish hues. Looking at it I was waiting for the moment when it touches the horizon to be gone in a few minutes. But as we were flying to the west minutes turned out to become an hour and even more. When we touched the ground in Paris the fireball was still visible in the far distance. My longest sunset so far: 1h 40 min.

The last months were really busy. David and I finally finished our movie and enjoyed the premiers in Graz, Vienna and Villach. After a long time of editing it was a blast to see the final product on screen and get some feedback. Soon it will be online - watch out! 

Here and there I also managed to climb some really nice lines, most of them in Carinthia. Although I could not tick off my long time project I am satisfied with the season. My girlfriend and I spent a short week in Spain filled with climbing on perfect limestone in Margalef and Siurana. More recently at Kanzianiberg I was lucky enough to flash two 7c+s (Brandauers Rache, Amour Fou) and an 8a (Alexander), although Alexander and Amour Fou have artificial holds and therefore don't really count. Moreover I made the first ascent of Finisterre 8a+ which offers technical climbing in slightly overhanging terrain. 

A look at my watch tells me that today just turned into tomorrow. Here at Charles de Gaulle Airport we are waiting for our connecting flight to Antananarivo. For the 10th year in a row I am leaving the European summer to visit the southern hemisphere. This time the first stop is Madagascar. 

Below as always some photos. Thanks to Katrin Binder and Hannes Klingberg for their contributions!